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Continental Lift Truck of New York is a trusted provider of a variety of Clark forklifts, including a gas forklift. We offer a full line of services too, including new and used forklift equipment, rentals and servicing. Though located in New York, we also ship out all of our forklifts to a nationwide clientele. So, no matter where your business or work place is located, we can supply you with a high end gas forklift. These forklifts are great for many industrial and retail uses. It is important to understand the uses and benefits of the different types of forklifts, as they can be used in various settings for an assortment of jobs.

Gas Forklift Types

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When choosing any machine to work with it is always important to know the options. The same can be said about a gas forklift. There is more than one type of gas used in the machine. There are typically two different types that are used:

  • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)

Compressed Natural Gas is composed of methane, a natural gas, and is then filtered and compressed. Liquefied Petroleum Gas is one that is produced by mixing a few different items, such as propane and butane, and artificially producing the gas. As with anything, both of these gases have their own pros and cons. Our knowledgeable customer service staff has all the answers if you have any questions about what makes a gas forklift what it is.

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Continental Lift Truck has over 35 years of experience providing the highest quality forklifts and tires to customers around the country. We are an authorized dealer of Clark forklifts and ship nationwide. Our New York distribution center has become a trusted place for all things forklifts. If you have any questions about a gas forklift and its benefits, please contact us today. We can provide you with a free quote. The number to call is 718-738-4738. We will happily answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding our line of forklifts.